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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Modifying a KPI's Actual and Target Values

Some KPIs might include target settings, for example, a content designer might include a KPI with target settings in an objective. A KPI that includes target settings allows you to update and save the KPI's actual and target values. To determine if a KPI contains target settings, look at the actual and target settings fields, and if they are surrounded by black-lined boxes, then they are writeable. If the fields are not surrounded with black-lined boxes, then they are not writeable.

Note that the content designer might have created target settings on only the actual value field or the target value field, or both the actual value field and the target value field. Even though target settings have been added to a KPI and the fields display with the black-lined box, you might not have the proper privileges to update and save the modified values.

See "User Interaction with Target Settings" for additional information about how you interact with KPIs that contain target settings.

To modify a KPI's actual and target values:

  1. Navigate to the watchlist, objective, or initiative that contains the KPI for which you want to update the actual and target values.

  2. For each Actual and Target field that you want to modify and that is surrounded by a black-lined box, place your cursor in the field and type the new value.

  3. Save the watchlist, objective, or initiative.

    Note that if you do not have the privileges required to modify the values, Oracle BI EE changes the color of the Actual or Target fields from white to red, displays the "Insufficient dimensional slice security for slice with dimension value" error message, and does not save the modified value.