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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Navigating With Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs enable users to know their current location within Oracle BI content and the path that they have used to navigate Oracle BI content.

Breadcrumbs are active links that users can click to return to the place from which they navigated and to the state of the content when they left it. Figure A-5 contains a breadcrumb trail that shows how the user navigated from the Dashboard editor, to the dashboard's Product Details tab, and then drilled into Biz Tech's actual and target completion date for each lines of business.

Figure A-5 Example of a Breadcrumb Trail

This image is described in the surrounding text.

Breadcrumbs display at the bottom of the page in Presentation Services or from Fusion Applications. The formatting of the breadcrumbs in the trail can differ depending upon the state of the item. Table A-2 contains the various ways that breadcrumbs can display within the breadcrumb trail. Users reading this appendix need to understand these formats so that they can effectively navigate their breadcrumb trails.

Treemap breadcrumbs behave somewhat differently for page-edges. See "Editing Treemap Views" for additional information.

Table A-2 Breadcrumb Formats

Format Description

... (Blue Ellipses)

This is the breadcrumbs overflow button. This button displays when there are many breadcrumbs in the breadcrumb trail and the page is not wide enough to display all of the breadcrumbs. When clicked, this button displays a list containing the breadcrumbs that are not shown in the trail on the bottom of the page.

Click this button to view and select a location from a list of breadcrumbs.

Blue Text

This format indicates a link to a visited location.

Blue Text in Italics

This format indicates a link to a visited editor. For example, the Analysis editor.

Black Text

This format indicates your current location.

Black Text in Italics

This format indicates your current location in an editor. For example, the Analysis editor.