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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Accessing BI Publisher Reports in Dashboards

As a user of a dashboard page, you have the ability to access reports that were created in Oracle BI Publisher. The report might be embedded in the dashboard page, or you might see a link that opens the report in BI Publisher.

To access a BI Publisher report:

  1. Display the dashboard page that contains the report to access.

  2. Perform the following tasks:

    • If the report is embedded in the page, then use the functions from the BI Publisher toolbar to affect the report.

      If prompts are included on the dashboard, then use those prompts to specify parameters that affect the display of data in the report. Depending on the design of the report, certain prompts do not affect the display of data in the report.

    • If the page contains a link for the report, then click the link to open the report in BI Publisher.

Using the Oracle BI Publisher Toolbar on a Dashboard Page

The Oracle BI Publisher toolbar is displayed on the dashboard that contains a BI Publisher report. The options that you see depend upon your permissions. The toolbar functions are described in the Table A-1.

Table A-1 Oracle BI Publisher Toolbar Functions

Function Description


If multiple report templates are available, then you see them in the Template list. Select a new template and then click View.

Output Type

If multiple output types are available, then select the desired output type (HTML, PDF, RTF, Excel, data) from the list and click View. The output is rendered in the browser.


Select a template or specify an output type and click this button to view the BI Publisher report.


When you click this button, you are prompted to save the BI Publisher report or to open the appropriate application for the output type.


When you click this button, the Destination dialog is displayed. From this screen, select the delivery destination (for example, Email, Printer, Fax, FTP, or Web Folder) and enter the appropriate information. You can select multiple delivery destinations.


Click this button to schedule the BI Publisher report. For more information about scheduling a report, see User's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.