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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Exporting and Copying Results

As you work with analyses, you might want to export them to various formats or copy the results into Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Exporting Results

Various options are available for exporting the results of analyses, for example, exporting to Microsoft Excel or exporting to PowerPoint. These options are available on the Export link that is displayed with an analysis in a dashboard, if the content designer includes the link there.

To export results:

  1. Navigate to the analysis.

  2. Click the Export link and select the appropriate export option.

    For more information on the export options, see "Export Menu Options for Views and Results."

Copying Results to Microsoft Applications

You can copy the results of analyses to either Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, in which Oracle Business Intelligence Add-in for Microsoft Office has been installed and configured.

The content designer can include the Copy link with analysis results in dashboards. For information on installing and configuring Oracle BI Add-in for Microsoft Office, see Appendix B, "Integrating with Microsoft Office."

To copy a result to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Navigate to the analysis in a dashboard.

  2. Click the Copy link, which copies the XML code for the analysis in its current state (that is, with the current context, for example, with applied filters, prompts, and so on) to the Windows Clipboard.

  3. Open Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint.

  4. From the Oracle BI menu in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, select Paste.

    For information about the Oracle BI menu, see the help for Oracle BI for Microsoft Office that is available within Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint.