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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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BI Composer wizard -- Create Analysis: Select Columns panel

Use this panel of the "BI Composer wizard" to select the columns that are to be included in the analysis. You can also:

For more information, see:

This panel is also displayed as:

Edit Analysis Analysis_Name: Select Columns panel


Subject Area: Subject_Area_Name

Displays the subject area from which to select columns to be included in the analysis.

Use this area to select a column to add to the analysis. To do so, expand the subject area folder that contains the column that you want, select the column, and then click Add.

To manage a subject area folder, right-click the folder to display the following options:

For more information on subject areas and columns, see "What Are Subject Areas and Columns?"


This button is available only if one or more subject areas are available and you have permission to access them.

Use this button to display the "Add/Remove Subject Areas dialog," from which you can add or remove subject areas.

Selected Columns

Displays the columns that have been added to the analysis.



Interaction is for column values only. However, you can drill on column headings as well. Drill is the default behavior for column headings.


Use this button to add the column selected in the Subject Area: Subject_Area_Name list to the Selected Columns list.


Use this button to remove the selected column from the Selected Columns list.

Remove All

Use this button to remove all columns from the Selected Columns list.

Up and Down Arrows

Use these buttons to reorder the columns in the list and, thus, change the order of the columns in the analysis.