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11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Using Objects to Enhance Accessibility

This section contains the following topics that provide examples of using objects to enhance accessibility:

Switching Content with View Selectors

In some cases, you might want to create additional content that is specifically optimized for users with accessibility needs. The view selector is a useful tool for providing the most feature-rich content for all user communities.

For example, suppose that you have a view called HR Pie Graph that uses color to show job categories in slices. This graph can be the default view for the dashboard page. You can include a view selector on the page that allows users to select either a table or a graph with cross-hatching instead of color for displaying the data. The graph can also add text elements that display the actual values that each slice represents, can simplify the background grid, and can include a descriptive title.

Using Static Text Objects for Custom HTML Markup

Screen readers generally use standard HTML markup to provide information for navigating on a page. One of the most commonly used markup tags is the Header tag. The default title view on an Oracle BI EE dashboard includes a Title tag when Accessibility mode is turned on. However, you cannot add other tags to the design of a title view.

You can use the static text view to replace the title view and supply the necessary HTML tag at the same time. Select the Contains HTML Markup box in the "Results tab: Static Text editor" and enter the appropriate HTML code. You can access the styles that are contained in the style sheets for your Oracle BI EE system to ensure consistency with the rest of your dashboards.

For example you can create a header for a dashboard that enables you to enter a title marked with the H3 tag and a horizontal rule line underneath. Enter the following HTML code for the static text view:

<H3>My HR Report</H3><HR WIDTH=650 ALIGN=LEFT>