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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Adding Actions to Dashboard Pages Using Action Links

To add an action to a dashboard page using an action link:

  1. Edit the dashboard page to which you want to add an action.

  2. From the Dashboard Object pane, drag and drop an Action Link object on the dashboard page.

  3. Click the Properties button for the Action Link object to display the "Action Link Properties dialog."

  4. Complete the Action Link Properties dialog. For information, see "Completing the Action Link Properties Dialog."

  5. Click the Save toolbar button on the Dashboard builder to save the dashboard page.

Completing the Action Link Properties Dialog

When you add actions to dashboard pages either by using action links or action link menus, you create action links by completing the "Action Link Properties dialog."

To complete the Action Link Properties dialog:

  1. To create an action (that is, an inline action), click the New Action button and specify the settings for the new action. For information, see "Specifying the Settings for New Actions."

  2. To add an existing action (that is, a named action):

    1. Click the Select existing action button.

      The "Open dialog" is displayed.

    2. Complete the Open dialog.

      If there are parameters associated with the action, then the "Edit Parameter Mapping dialog" is displayed.

    3. Complete the Edit Parameter Mapping dialog (if displayed).

  3. In the Link Text box, enter the text to display as the link to execute the associated action.


    If you enter information into the Link Text box prior to adding an existing action or creating an action, the information that you entered is overwritten with the name of the action link.

  4. If you are creating an action link that will not be displayed on an action link menu, then in the Caption box, enter a caption to display above the link text.

  5. (for an action link that navigates to a URL or to other BI content only) Use the Open Link in New Window box in the Action Link Properties dialog to specify whether to open the link in a new browser window or tab.

  6. (for Navigate to BI Content actions only) Use the Add to Briefing Book box to specify whether the action that is associated with the action link can be executed in a briefing book, but only if the number of briefing book navigation links to be followed is greater than 0.

    For information about briefing books, see "Working with Briefing Books."

  7. In the Show Link component, select one of the following options:

    • Always — Specifies that the action link is always to be enabled.

    • Conditionally — Specifies that the action link is to be enabled only if the associated condition is satisfied.

      The Condition area is displayed.

  8. If you selected Conditionally, then specify the condition as follows:

    1. To create a condition, click the New Condition button to display the "New Condition dialog" and then complete the dialog.

      For information on completing the dialog, see "Specifying the Settings for Conditions."

    2. To select an existing condition, click Select Condition to display the "Select Condition dialog" and then complete the dialog.

  9. Click OK in the Action Link Properties dialog.